Acupuncture for Fertility


If you are struggling with fertility issues, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 couples have difficulty becoming pregnant or staying pregnant.  That is over 6 million women in the united states alone are dealing with this epidemic.

There are many factors that can contribute to the problem:

  • Age
  • Stress
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Poor nutrition
  • Unhealthy lifestyle factors
  • And more

Acupuncture To The Rescue

Several studies have found that women who get acupuncture treatments — whether to treat conditions that can interfere with getting pregnant (such as polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS) or to increase the chances of a successful IVF — have a higher rate of pregnancy and births.

Additionally, some fertility doctors recommend acupuncture for their patients to help lower overall stress levels – as stress hormones can lower fertility hormones like progesterone.

How acupuncture can improve fertility

  • Reduce Stress and it’s effects on the body
  • Improve blood flow to the uterus – creating a more receptive environment for implantation
  • Improved blood flow to the ovaries – improving ovarian response and better quality eggs
  • Balances Hormones and restores the HPO axis (hypothalamus/Pituitary/Ovarian axis)
  • Strengthen the immune system and decrease chances of miscarriage

These are just some of the ways Acupuncture can help.

Your personalized plan of treatment starts with an in-depth evaluation to uncover any underlying factors that may be preventing you from conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy.  We take a very comprehensive Holistic approach at evaluating your health. We look at all factors- Diet, sleep, lifestyle, environmental factors etc to create a customized plan to restore your health and fertility.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with high FSH, as an IVF “poor responder” ,had frequent miscarriages, or suffered unexplained infertility, we will discover the best treatment options for you.

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