We wish you Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season of giving, but it is very common for many to forget to give themselves some love too!  Many things can affect us through the season changes, the weather changing, the cold slowing our metabolism down, daylight savings time. Our bodies have a great way of letting us know what our bodies need. The winter is one of the best times to help replenish the vital energy expended throughout the year.  

Ancient Chinese theories believe that humans should live in harmony with the seasons, to go to sleep early and wake later, after the sun has warmed the ground and air.  As the winter approaches, it’s hard not to acknowledge how much the cold and darkness will slow us down. This preserves your own energy necessary in times of stress, healing and preventing illness, and aging. Winter is the time of year to reflect on health, recharge your batteries and strengthen for the upcoming years.

Pour yourself some tea…

During the holiday season, we are so focused on giving to others, that many of us forget to refill our own tea pots! It’s so important for our own bodies to receive the love and warmth we dish out all season! 

Nourish your passion. The cold dark days of winter urge us to stay in and cozy up with a book, or pick up an indoor craft, keeping a journal, baking, learning a new language or instrument.  

Combat winter blues with light therapy. Exposure to sunlight stimulates the pineal gland, which helps with the production of serotonin, can boost your immune system, and creates vitamin D. 

If the weather outside allows, get outdoors every day and let the sun’s life giving and spirit lifting energy wake you up!  Be sure that you are still protected from UV rays through the day with a healthy sunscreen.

Keep yourself warm.  Water is essential for circulation of the blood throughout the body, which will warm our muscles, tendons, and skin. Dry skin and dehydration is very common in the winter, so choosing herbal teas or de-caffeinated teas may help to avoid further dryness.

Healthy Gift Giving

Gifting can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be!

Everyone wants to give a gift that is useful and thoughtful. A great way to show you care; one that can help your loved ones to become more health conscious.

Salt Lamps– These are not just for ambiance, they also help ease allergy and breathing issues and promote healthy sleep patterns.

Local Honey-They say that local honey will help to prepare your body against the allergies of spring. The closer to your home, the more likely the honey is from flowers that are more prevalent in the air around springtime.

Epsom Salt– Helps ease pain and swelling, but it is also very important to relax the body, aiding in the absorption of magnesium.

Healthy Tea– Did you know that tea can be a preventative measure for your body functions through the winter? Drinking a hot cup of chamomile, ginger, or licorice tea are wonderful choices when you start to feel that chill in the air.

Cookbooks– Recipes for a good soup can be hard to come by. The better the food going in to your body, the better it can function through the cold, dry season of winter.

Exercise Classes– Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, are all healthy, gentle, longevity practices. Many places will offer classes or memberships for the holidays.

Gift Certificates for Acupuncture are always a great way to help someone begin their journey to well-being.

We LOVE to help!

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